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 Double Canyon


Our Story

There are few places in the world capable of producing truly remarkable wine. Despite all we’ve learned of viticulture over the centuries, it is still largely the whim of nature and fate of geological events that unfolded long ago that dictate where this rare and special terroir is located. Our job then is to seek out parcels of land that present an opportunity to cultivate great wines. In 2007, we did just that, when we founded Double Canyon. From that moment, our focus has been crafting exceptional Washington Cabernet Sauvignon from pedigreed vineyard sites, anchored by our namesake Double Canyon Vineyard in Horse Heaven Hills. 

For the past 50 years, Horse Heaven Hills has produced some of the most revered fruit in Washington. Our 90-acre Double Canyon Vineyard, named for two ravines that run through the property, was selected for its desirable location and proximity to the Columbia River. Influenced by volcanic activity, ancient glacial deposits, desert soils, and a persistent wind that blows off the river, Double Canyon wines capture the distinctive character of this renowned appellation.